Find or be a non-renumerated
blood donor with JBloodMatchBot

Less than 1% of Nigerians donate blood voluntarily.
We want 5% of the population to commit to regular blood donation.

Be a donor.

Become a non-renumerated blood donor.
Less than 1% of donations in Nigeria are from voluntary donors. Help grow the number

Request for a donor.

Request for blood donations and get connected to donors close to you, based on availability and consent.

Be an Advocate

Unable to donate due to health issues?
Be an advocate, tell people about JbloodMatch

What is JBloodMatch

J Blood match connects non-remunerated voluntary blood donors to matching recipients at the point of need. JBloodMatch provides a chatbot, JbloodMatchBot which is accessible on Telegram and Facebook messenger. To get started,


Download and Install Telegram/Facebook messenger app

Telegram and Facebook messenger mobile applications are available on both google play store for Android Users and iOS App Store for iOS users.

Search for JBloodMatchBot

Tap the search button and type in JBloodMatchBot. You can access JBloodMatchBot on Telegram via this link, and Facebook Messenger via this link,

Becoming part of JbloodMatch

To be a part of JbloodMatch, you have to register as a donor or/and an advocate. To get started,


Tap the /start text on JbloodMatchBot and follow the instructions to complete your registration. Fill in the necessary information such as your blood group, age, phone number etc.

Requesting for a blood donor

JBloodMatchBot let's you request for blood donors for yourself or your relatives at the point of need.


To request for donors, send help to JBloodMatchBot. Tap, request for donor, follow the prompts and fill in the necessary information and a donor would be matched/connected to you.

  • Onyeka Awanye

    J Blood Match is here to bridge a large gap in the area of blood donation for life saving purposes. All hands need to be on deck to ensure that more and more donors come on board to be able to achieve a deeper penetration and acceptability of donors to reach out to more people in need of blood transfusion

  • Dr Sunday Agbonika

    J Blood Match bot is a brilliant solution to an overwhelming problem. It's a simple to navigate way of providing support thus saving a life. The best part, it creates a community where you both support and can be supported in a critical situation.

  • Aisha Hussein

    Jblood match is such a creative and essential innovation. The first of its kind I have heard of as it helps increase the low pool of blood donors through advocates and non-remunerated donors. It’s very useful in case of emergencies and the bot is user friendly and informative.