Why Sickle Cell Warriors Need Regular Blood Donors?

By Clement Oriaku

Sickle cell anemia is an inherited blood group disorder also known as sickle cell disease.

It is a situation where normal round and flexible red blood cells in the body look like a C-shape called a “sickle”, thereby inhibiting the ability of these red blood cells to transport oxygen easily throughout the body of the carrier.

This can cause health complications for the individual as well as pains that can go from mild to very severe.

No cure has yet been discovered for sickle cell disease. Gladly, the disease can be managed by the use of folic acid supplements, antibiotics, high fluid intake, and regular blood transfusions.

The sickle red blood cells are known to die quickly and as a result, cause a constant shortage of blood cells in the body. This is why carriers frequently need blood donation at intervals. Blood transfusion helps to:

  1. Maintain a healthy balance of normal red blood cells to sickle red blood cells
  2. Reduce the risk of other infections and diseases and prevent further health complications
  3. Lessen anemia
  4. Improve blood flow
  5. Fight pains.

For a sickle cell warrior, every unit of healthy blood counts! Becoming a regular blood donor means that you could be helping a sickle cell warrior ward off a crisis.

Share your influence and strength. You have what it takes to make the life of a warrior better; it is rather in your blood.

You can provide hope for patients suffering from sickle cell disease and an avenue to live with greater liveliness and less suffering when you donate blood. They really need you to survive.